Sung is the culinary extension of Korean-American painter Michelle Jane Lee’s art practice. She brings her vivid and visceral memories of food prepared and eaten in her childhood growing up in Korea - both the homemade and the regional specialties from around Korea and marries them in harmony with her artistic vision and sensitivity.

Our aim is to proudly showcase and continue the lineage of the cuisine’s flexibility and resilience. Korean food is not static nor stagnant - and it isn’t just Korean bbq or few now familiar side dishes. It’s the steaming hot rice mixed into a cold bowl of Korean green tea with floating ice cubes farmers ate hundreds of years ago with simple yet perfect accompaniments of few cured and pickled side dishes. It’s the porridge made from burnt rice at the bottom of the earthen pot after rice was cooked that conjure up familiarity and nostalgia to millions of Koreans yet is still foreign to rest of the world, and even to younger generations now in Korea.

What we are not is elevated Korean cuisine. Korean food has already and always been elevated - going back to our ancestors that solidified the base of our cuisine in its taste and soul to the mom and pop restaurants that paved the way to push Korean food into its current global spotlight. We humbly owe it to those before us for everything that has come and comes forward.

Welcome to Sung.



Painter Michelle Jane Lee


Maître d

Sculptor Elizabeth Hatke